Thursday, July 4, 2013


Last weekend, I attended the LibertyCon science fiction convention in Chattanooga and participated in several panels. Once of the most interesting was a discussion of “The End of Civilization.” The panelists (mostly authors and scientists) discussed ways they thought the world -- human civilization -- might end. It was interesting enough to post the initial listing here:

@Michael Z. Williamson “The Yellowstone Supervolcano”
@Tedd Roberts “Drug research run amok”
@Steven Cobb “Asteroid impact”
@Julie Cochrane “A Carrington Event”
@John Ringo “A bioengineered virus”
@Patrick Vanner “Cyber attack”
@Llian Price “Infectious disease”
@Catherine Asaro “The Singularity”
And, finally, my initial contribution “Online virtual reality addiction”

The list grew during the hour-long discussion – what’s your favorite?

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