Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day in the Life - 3:00 pm

Before Leslie can board the school bus and come home, she is again required to report to the nurse for a glucose check. The school and her parents fear that a low blood sugar on the 45-minute school bus ride home could be a disaster. Nurses don’t ride the buses and the driver who is dealing with a large group of hormone-raging teenagers is not the best equipped to deal with a diabetic emergency should one arise.

Leslie quickly pulls out her meter, probably forgetting to change the needle that is now dulled by at least the four previous blood sugar tests, and pricks her finger once again. The result: 145. The snack she had after her earlier “low” was just right. This is her fifth glucose check of the day.

She leaves the nurse’s office and heads for the school bus and all her friends, cheerfully bidding the nurse good-bye in her typical buoyant way, “See you tomorrow!”

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